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Microblading Prices


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Fibroblast Prices

Fibroblast whole neck

Fibroblast for whole neck

Fibroblast upper or lower neck

Fibroblast for upper or lower neck

Fibroblast upper lips

Fibroblast for upper lips

Fibroblast Upper Eyelids

Special offer £159

Fibroblast upper cheeks

Fibroblast for upper cheeks

Fibroblast upper + lower eyelids

Fibroblast for upper and lower eyelids

Fibroblast Package

Fibroblast for nasolabial folds, upper lips, lower lips, chin price

Fibroblast lower lips

Fibroblast for lower lips

Fibroblast lower eyelids

Fibroblast for lower eyelids

Fibroblast lower + upper lips

Fibroblast for lower and upper lips

Fibroblast full face + neck

Fibroblast for full face and neck

Fibroblast full face

Fibroblast for full face

Fibroblast front of ears

Fibroblast for front of ears

Fibroblast Forehead

Fibroblast for forehead

Fibroblast for nasolabial folds

Fibroblast for nasolabial folds

Fibroblast for lower cheeks

Fibroblast for lower cheeks

Fibroblast for jowls

Fibroblast for jowls

Fibroblast for full cheeks

Fibroblast for full cheeks

Fibroblast crow’s feet

Fibroblast for crow’s feet

Fibroblast chin

Fibroblast for chin

Fibroblast brow lift

Fibroblast for brow lift

Fibroblast between brows

Fibroblast for In between brows

Fibroblast all 3 eye areas

Fibroblast for All 3 eye areas

Anti wrinkle Prices

1 area
2 areas
3 areas
4 areas
5 areas
6 areas

Fillers Prices

from £180
Lip filler

Full price after consultation. Special Offer 1ml Juveder now £190, normal price £320

from £180
Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers per area. Full price after consultation

Tattoo Removal Prices

Tattoo Removal 2cm

2 cm2 (4cm)

Tattoo Removal 3cm

3 cm2 (9cm)

Tattoo Removal 4cm

4 cm2 (16cm)

Tattoo Removal 5cm

5 cm2 (25cm)

Tattoo Removal 6cm

6 cm2 (36cm)

Tattoo Removal 7cm

7 cm2 (49cm)

Tattoo Removal 8cm

8 cm2 (64cm)

Tattoo Removal 9cm

9 cm2 (81cm)

Tattoo Removal 10cm

9 cm2 (100cm)

Tattoo Removal 11cm

11 cm2 (121cm)

Tattoo Removal 12cm

12 cm2 (144cm)

Tattoo Removal 13cm

13 cm2 (169cm)

Tattoo Removal 14cm

14 cm2 (196cm)

Tattoo Removal 15cm

15 cm2 (225cm)

Tattoo Removal 16cm

16 cm2 (256cm)

Tattoo Removal 17cm

17 cm2 (289cm)

Tattoo Removal 18cm

18 cm2 (324cm)

Tattoo Removal 19cm

19 cm2 361cm(

Tattoo Removal 20cm

20 cm2 (400cm)

IPL Hair Removal Prices

Hair Removal Shoulders

IPL Hair Removal Shoulders

Hair Removal Chest & Abdomen

IPL Hair Removal Chest & Abdomen

Hair Removal Abdomen

IPL Hair Removal Abdomen

Hair Removal Chest

IPL Hair Removal Chest

Hair removal Full Back

IPL Hair Removal Full Back

Hair Removal Upper Back

IPL Hair Removal Upper Back

Hair Removal Extended Bikini Line

IPL Hair Removal Extended Bikini Line

Hair Removal Bikini Line

IPL Hair Removal Bikini Line

Hair Removal Full Legs

IPL Hair Removal Full Legs

Hair Removal Upper Legs

IPL Hair Removal Upper Legs

Hair Removal Lower Legs

IPL Hair Removal Lower Legs

Hair Removal Full Arms

IPL Hair Removal Full Arms

Hair Removal Half Arms

IPL Hair Removal Half Arms

Hair Removal Underarms

IPL Hair Removal Underarms

Hair Removal Upper Lip & Chin

IPL Hair Removal Upper Lip + Chin

Hair Removal Chin/Face

IPL Hair Removal Chin/Face

Hair Removal Upper Lip

IPL Hair Removal Upper Lip

Microneedling Prices


1 Session


2 Sessions


3 Sessions

Exilis Prices

Exilis Non-Invasive Anti Wrinkles

1 session

Exilis Fat Removal

1 session

Skin Rejuvenation Prices

from £95
Skin Rejuvenation

Full price after consultation

Acne Clearance Prices

IPL Acne Clearance

Full Prices after Consultation

Thread Vein Removal Prices

Thread Vein Removal Face

Full Face

Thread Vein Removal Medium Area

Medium Area

Thread Vein Removal Small Area

Small Area

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