Permanent Lips Tattoo 

The lip enhancement is designed to define your lips and make the appearance fuller, part of the process is outlining the border of your lip and correcting unevenness.
There are two treatments to choose from which will give you a no maintenance and youthful looking lips with an overall prettier tone.
A more of a lip tint look that you can just gloss and go.
The procedure is carried out using the pmu machine with a 1-point needle to firstly perfect your lip line and make your lips bigger then we do ligthtly circular moves to create shading to give you a full powder effect or ombre blend look.


Powder lips 

After the liner, we shade the whole lip completely leaving you with a powdered soft lip colour of your choice and lips corrected.

Ombre lips

After the liner, the lip line to the corners will be shaded more intense and then shading from the outline and continuing the colour down into the middle of the lip to give you the blended ombre look.
Colour Options
There are many colour options you can choose from, the lighter the colour you choose the quicker they may fade you may need a top up sooner than a year.
Nude colours are very popular but using a darker tone than your own lip colour maybe more beneficial as they will fade leaving you with the colour you wanted originally.
A lot of women on the other hand go for red tones, even though it is very strong the first 10 days once healed you are left with a soft light rosy red lips.
This treatment can last between 2-4 years.
Small yearly touch up appointment may be required for colour booster.


Our excellent certified eyebrow artists provide the best techniques like Phibrows 22institute, and use the highest quality material to work with. Their job is really precise and the results are fascinating. Their creation of the most natural eyebrows is admirable and outstanding!


Consultation is necessary before each and every procedure, and we usually schedule it right before the start of the procedure, but of course, if you wish, it can be done as two separate appointments to give you more time to think.


Price for corretion:

£99 =within 3 month


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.


Permanent lips before and after

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