Eyeliner Permanent Tattoo

Eyeliner Permanent Tattoo

Eyeliner Permanent in Edinburgh

Eyeliner Permanent Tattoo is a cosmetic technique.

The procedure is carried out using the pmu machine with a 1-point needle to firstly perfect.

The permanent eyeliner is designed to define your eyes .
There are three treatments to choose from

Baby eyeliner– price is £180
Normall eyeliner– £249
Shaded eyeliner-£299

Colour Options
There are many colour options you can choose from, the lighter the colour you choose the quicker they may fade you may need a top up sooner than a year.

This treatment can last between 2-4 years.
Small yearly touch up appointment may be required for a colour booster.


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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